Rev. Patricia A. Sunday

Called for this hour to deliver the warning
through scriptural interpretation of end time
Ha Sofer!  The end time handmaiden and
servant of the Lord.

Presently based in Florida.
The Clock is Ticking...Time is Running Out!

Prophecies made hundreds of years ago are coming true today. There are prophecies that
describe crisis and turmoil all over the world. Are there things happening that we should know

We hope to bring these events to your attention here and explain their meaning. Look around,
ask questions, check out the materials we have available. The information here could change
your life forever....
Ministry Profile

Sunday Ministries, Inc. was founded by Rev. Patricia to reach and teach others about the revelations she
has received concerning the end times and the need for receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sunday Ministries, Inc. ordains and licenses qualified ministers into this fellowship of God and no one is
bound to tithe or identify themselves with the Sunday fellowship unless they choose to do so. Sunday
Ministries, Inc. believes that ministers are called and ordained by God alone. It is a free gift from God.
Anyone who feels the call can preach or evangelize without credentials. However, for earthly purposes,
it is sometimes necessary to be "paper-trained" for various reasons. Therefore, Sunday Ministries, Inc.
makes it part of our business to license and ordain those whom we know are called by God and may
need assistance getting into places otherwise obstructed by denominational barriers.